Ragnarok Engineering
model wind powered heat pump


What if Ragnarok is the legend of a real event that happened long ago, and will cyclically happen again?  ...there is supporting evidence to suggest this, and that it is connected to solar activity, which is also the real cause of global warming, not the alleged man-made CO2 hype.   Pollution is always bad, but there are many half-truths in science now because it is politically compromised by its funding.

The sun is getting hotter and more active,
...think independently!

Solar activity drives the Weather, hence the Climate, but severe solar flares can also knock out the electrical power grid and burn electronic devices, including the internet, GPS and vehicle electrics. This is named a Carrington Event.   Today's society has made itself very vulnerable.

Ragnarok Engineering Survival Kit – Simple heating or cooling that continues to work without fuel or electricity – movable, modular and adaptable.   Off grid living by necessity.


This is an engineering development project for a wind powered reversible heat pump, that can be set either as a cooler or as a heater. The operating principle is the 'Stirling Cycle', same as a 'Stirling Engine' but backwards – the crank is driven and the output is a temperature differential.   It is therefore a Heat Pump without any chemical refrigerant, only hot air as the working fluid.   A storm force spring overload mechanism is provided.

The key feature is that it is independent of electricity, so it is unaffected by severe solar flares or corona ejections. It will continue to work when all else fails.

Stop trying to prevent climate change,
and start thinking how to survive it.
It is a natural solar driven event.
There will be panic ...don't get in the way.

Celtic Triskele

EARTH SPIRIT  Nature can sometimes get very wild, but we must still live in Harmony with her. This is the only way to Survive.  It is an aspect of Gender Balance. more

The photos show a small experimental model, the test rig for developing the idea.   Design of the full size machine has now commenced, it has a 40 foot (12 metre) high tower, with a 14 foot (4.2 metre) diameter eight-bladed wind turbine.   The experimental device in the photos is all open, but operational machines will be fully enclosed.
model wind powered heat pump

Insensitive to Electro-Magnetic Turmoil

The Stirling Cycle works by compressing and expanding a fixed quantity of air as it transfers around the engine between hot and cold sides.   It is very simple, there are no valves and no electrics.   Compressing air causes it's temperature to rise – likewise when air is expanding, its temperature drops. It works as a cycle, simple air going round and round.

Stirling 'Hot Air' Engines were a contemporary to the Steam Engine, but are actually thermally very efficient – though bulky.   Because they have no electrics they will still work when modern technologies don't!

Heat pumps must be considered as one component within the whole heat extraction – heat distribution, and insulation system for efficient working. This heat pump is mainly intended for ground source heat input as it is more effective in winter.   It is safe and simple.   Buildings that have both high thermal capacity and good insulation will tend to even out the heat variations due to vagaries in wind speed.

model stirling engine on the bench
This is an active project, the ongoing development of a pre-production prototype.   Due to it necessary bulk and wind requirements, it is intended for rural and upland application, being economic in the present but continuing to work without fuel or electricity.   It is therefore a transition tool for continued survival, usable both now and post infrastructure collapse.

A specific rural solution to what will be a general problem!

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American Yellow School Bus
Our society protects the young on the surface, but what is their future? ...There is a high probability that our technological society will destroy itself before the natural events of Ragnarok even begin to happen. A technology bubble waiting to burst.   Our young people feel the lies, deceptions, greed and inequalities of society, though there is so much pressure to comply. This is called cognitive dissonance. There is mental distress when fortitude would be needed.   Rogue A.I. technologies – the only way to stop them will be to destroy our own internet!

Our society is therefore hopelessly unprepared to face Ragnarok. The Young of today Are the future!   It is therefore all about helping the survival and skills transfer to as many young people as possible through these events.   Luck will pay a big part... not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. ...But so will being a practical person and thinking independently!

This project is about developing a transition tool to help shelter from climatic stress, hot or cold, that will continue working after 'Carrington Events' while still being economic in the present... A useful piece of kit!


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