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The journey to the creation of 'Ragnarok Engineering' has been a long and complicated journey.   This page presents a few of the turning points of that journey which could now be of help to other people who question orthodox science and orthodox religion. – These were previously on my former website which was called 'North Spirit'.
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Film Script Book

Book front cover
A story of spiritual diversity coming together to find Essence, and hence gain Voice.

We cannot define the General, in the language of the specific. So everything of The-Spirit cannot be defined by one specific spiritual path! But from multiple paths, including both the inner and the outer, the feminine and the masculine, when brought together can begin to glimpse the whole. This is how we can have eloquent Voice to counter those who deny Spirit... Based on true events.

Written as a film script, more detail as a picture book.

Book available at cost price from Ragnarok Engineering (£8 + postage)
A5 size book, 224 pages with 70 colour photographs, published 2022.

It was written as a sequel to the video film below, further showing how we can bring together the best out of different viewpoints.   Based on true events.

'To Think Differently'  video

A personal video story with 'Spiritual Third Gender' – and the clash both with orthodox religion and orthodox physics.   Made in 2018.

...Probing the "Big Design"...

'Sensitive and Deep' — 52 minutes   MP4   1280 x 720p

Five Definites:

1. Our Consciousness can be outside our body.
2. Our Consciousness continues after death.
3. Animals and Plants also have a 'spirit' form.
4. Nature is Intelligent 'Design'.
5. 'Reality' is Non-Local in Quantum Physics.

...Now we can talk Real Science, rather than deny half the evidence!

"It is ugly to argue about God"

...Native American teachings

The Divine is the "Great Unknown", humans know so little!

Every religion has its Beauty, but every path has its problems, a lot has become distorted from its original context and message.   People have turned away, and now there is a spiritual vacuum in society.   But there are good individuals within all the old Faiths, and we need Learn from each other.   'It is ugly to argue about God'.

The Native American worldview sees everything in nature in the process of change, not fixed entities. Verbs more than Nouns.   This is quite different to the matter based theories of orthodox physics.   So Reality is 'Process of Change'.   ...Transient!

Beyond Physics : A Paradigm Shift

book front cover

This is like a concise General Theory of Everything, but it is more of a guided discovery.

...Imagine, if we could perceive in our Mind, two opposites created out of nothing at all – like going outwards while going inwards, so that these two opposites could interact together to create something. ...But simply going outwards and going inwards would just cancel each other out, we need to perceive two gendered types of opposites that could 'mate' together to generate 'Something', and then higher orders of this 'Something'.   Gender is the Key!

PDF eBook: 132 Pages A4 with illustrations

Free PDF download

The Young deserve better than the old establishment clinging to their vested interests and feeding students with principles and deceptions that perpetuate conflict. Unless voices from the fringe speak up, polarities in this world will get wider.

Other Reference PDF Downloads

'The New Science' by Wilbert B Smith (1962)   (from Rex Research)

Reciprocal System of Physical Theory after Dewey B Larson   RS2 Papers from former website

Animated Gif image showing Orbital Motion as referenced in the above PDF book 'Beyond Physics'

The Faravahar Zoroastrian Faravahar

The connecting link between: Norse Mythology, which is a branch of the Indo-European family heritage, and comprehension of a Singular Divine Source of everything, is Zarathustra!   ...Animistic-Nature-Spirituality, one creative intelligent God with multiple aspects, Spiritualism and gender balance all comes together with personal responsibility and care not to pollute nature.   Zoroastrian monotheism emphasises our personal inner spiritual experience and values the feminine, quite different to patriarchal 'control' religion.

The spiritual driving force behind the Ragnarok Engineering project seems connected to the Zoroastrian driving essence, though there are no connections to the remnants of outward religion that exist today. This is deeper.

Immanence – the Divine-Spirit within all – Namaste

"Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds"

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