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Massive Solar Flare
Massive Solar Flare courtesy of NASA Skylab


The word 'Ragnarok' comes from the Norse Sagas preserved in Iceland, mythological stories from the distant past – wondrous stories, but they convey a deeper truth. [e.g. The Prose Edda - Gylfaginning 51]

They are what has survived from the pre-Christian culture of the old Norse people. Though stylised in a Viking way, this old Lore would have been similar for all the Germanic peoples including the Anglo Saxon, and not very different to the ancient Celtic either.   Iceland being geographically on the fringe of Europe suffered less from the rigorous, forced Christianisation... The Christian Church is historically responsible for a lot of carnage and cultural damage, but traces of the old ways of thinking have survived.   Animistic nature spiritualist perceptions of our distant ancestors were (and still are) empirical, not based on learnt beliefs or creed.

Thor's Hammer 'Mjollnir'
Representing Thor's short handled hammer called Mjollnir [pronounced 'Mie-yoll-nir'] meaning 'Lightning', and which in the Sagas, always hits and knocks out whatever it is thrown against. Mjollnir little copies are often made into silver amulets.

Obviously a bit of silver is a bit of silver, but it is what it represents to us, in this 'Thought Based' Universe!!

The stories about Ragnarok trace back into distant antiquity, unknown origins amongst the early Indo-European peoples. Other indigenous peoples around the world also have legends of great fires, shattering earthquakes followed by great floods, dark skies and prolonged winters. The teachings from the Imams of Shia Islam also speak the same! So do the Hindu ancient texts. So it is reasonable to suppose that they are all based on distant memories of some cataclysmic event that actually happened, but over the many generations the accounts have turned into mythical legends.   These stories, as does the story of 'Ragnarok', say it will happen again in the future, and there will only be a few survivors to begin rebuilding afterwards.

Rune leters AWJM

Ragnarok Engineering Interpretation...

Full on Ragnarok as described in the Sagas is quite literal, the end of our 'Age', a cataclysm. No machine can guarantee to withstand it.   We DO NOT pretend to offer such, rather this is a Transition Tool to assist as many survivors as possible making it through.   Realistically though, only the strong, young, practical and naturally-healthy have got a chance with this. Yet many practical skills have been lost in our modern society, and no longer will there be a Google or YouTube to ask. This website will also be gone, all websites gone.   The input of older people will be essential through this transition, for the survival of the species.

So its about questioning the narrative on the way the world is being taken. Deceptions and naivety are rife, yet Nature will still take its course!

Heathen and Pagan animistic Lore gives names and personalities to Natural Forces and Spirit Currents which are empirical (anthropomorphisms). The names are man-made, but what they represent is realistic.   The events of Ragnarok are described as battle, I interpret this as being between 'Civilization that builds up', against the 'Elemental Forces that level down'. – This is not just about Nature gone Wild though, but also the baser aspects of humanity... there will also be looters, gangs and greed, to contend with.

We're all facing lifespans that may be shorter than might previously have been expected, so 'meaning' of life is important.   We have to become practical and aware of the seen, but also the unseen.

...But our consciousness continues beyond physical death, for all of us!


The risk we all face from massive solar flares and storms however is uncontentious. Back in 1859 a massive solar storm happened, extraordinary sun-spot activity that was recorded by astronomers worldwide. Fires broke out in telegraph offices! We know this now as a 'Carrington Event, and it could certainly happen again.

Carrington Event Sunspots Drawing Pencil drawing of large sunspots by Richard Carrington, 1859

Science is not homogenous, there are many different theories to explain natural phenomena. Yet the current mainstream academia is very materialist and atheist in their perceptions, and this is the research that gets funding and published. However their matter based timespace theories have incongruence when presented with psychic and spiritual phenomena!   It comes back to the false doctrines of the Christian Church causing the atheist reaction amongst intelligent people. Very unfortunate, but understandable – If you get burnt to death by the Church for saying the earth is round and orbits the sun, who can blame you if you and your descendants renounce the church or any notion of 'spiritual'?  ...This has distorted science.

Amongst those scientists outside the mainstream, there are distinctly different ideas explaining: Matter, the Sun, and what is at the core of the Earth.   Some of these people are mystics like Walter Russell who merged science, art, and deep insight, or the Austrian Viktor Schauberger. Some were unorthodox scientists and engineers, like Nikola Tesla and Dewey Larson and Professor Eric Laithwaite.   Often their careers were ruined by their unorthodox concepts, yet years latter they were proved correct.   There are other extraordinary people we cannot be sure about, are they mad or are the genius?   In searching these questions, I myself have gone into spiritualist (shamanic) trance with the question – "Of all this stuff, what is actually true?" The response I got back lead to the creation of this Ragnarok Engineering project...   Orthodox 'matter-based' science has many false notions and dramatic change is coming to this world again.   Uncontentious though, is that a Carrington type event that will inevitably happen again, and now in our electronic society it will have disastrous consequences.

Global Change

It is clear now that change is happening around the globe to the climate, but contrary to the political 'scientific' hype, very little of this is actually due to CO2 or man-made causes... The CO2 increase is an effect, not a cause! ...a cover story.   Rather it is the sun that is getting hotter. These are Geological changes. Worse is to come. With increased solar activity, the likelihood of severe solar flares and corona ejections increases.

Dead Smartphone
Civilization in most of the world today has become heavily dependent upon electronic devices and its infrastructure: computers, communications, satellites, navigation and even our money transactions rely on electronics. – Yet it is all existentially vulnerable to increased solar activity.   Circuits could be grossly overloaded and burn out, electricity power lines could similarly burn out resulting in total system failure. – Unfortunately this is not wild-card speculation, it is likely.

If such a corona ejection as shown in the top image detaches and comes towards planet earth, as smaller ones are seen to do, then we have big problems!

100 years ago if this happened, it would have caused some inconvenience to telegraph and radio, but repairs would have started the next day. The majority of industry would have been unaffected. – If it happened 200 years ago, then they would have just noticed the heat wave, and the Northern Lights visible in southern latitudes (vice versa for the southern hemisphere). – But today, there will be a complete infrastructure breakdown, and worse, the means of repair will also be burnt out... Even modern diesel powered vehicles will be out of action because of their electronic control units. Food and fuel shortages resulting in urban mayhem will quickly follow. – A nightmare scenario.

Don't trust everything to electronics, the day will come it all fails!   Carrington events++

However, 'Stirling Engines' don't have electronics and will continue to work!


The alleged CO2 issue is not the only deception in orthodox science today, there are several other serious issues, like the Covid-19 saga with its harmful vaccines.   ...All deceptions are based on a plausible story with some true aspects, but then twisted.

Notice contradictory climate evidence is both suppressed and denied by those who call themselves 'Liberal' Intellectuals, while at the same time they are trying to get us to give up our freedom to choose.   Whereas any issue that is genuine should hold up in public debate!   ...We must always hear the independent voices.

What starts as a vested interest can be pushed into a dogma, then onto a tyranny.   This is called totalitarian politics.   As the Covid-19 vaccine and lockdown thugs tried to gain control, so too will the climate change thugs if given the chance.   We must always hear different witness to the actual facts, regardless of who controls the news media.

To say man-made CO2 is the cause of global warming implies that combined human action can solve the problem, but this is just continued arrogance.   Pollution is always bad in poisoning the planet, but the big change that is coming is a natural and inevitable solar event. 'Ragnarok'.   We have to try to survive by facing the reality, not hiding from it.

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