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Yorkshire Dales in winter


"Tread gently on the earth"

The limiting factors for survival will probably be about child bearing women making it through, and the practical skills transfer from older people before they pass away! This will not be easy, and it is the work everyone to help facilitate it. – There will be climatic stress, electricity gone, health care gone and very limited diet. There might be radiation. Wild life will also be very stressed, so opportunities for hunting will be very poor.   Homesteads near cities will suffer from hungry gangs raiding for food.   A very bleak situation, but there will be some survivors – and from these will come the seeds of the next root-race after 'Ragnarok', whatever name we call it.

The aim of Ragnarok Engineering is to help by providing simple background heating (or cooling) that continues to work without fuel or electricity, so does not use up valuable fuel which will be needed for cooking and boiling water.   It is a transition tool.   A specific rural solution to what will be a general problem.

Regardless of how long it takes to engineer this heat pump into production, it is strongly suggested that people who take survival seriously, should quietly move their families and livelihood far away from the cities and as close to the land as possible.

Learn practical skills like food production, traditional cooking and herbal medicine. Practical skills like blacksmithing, woodwork, pottery and weaving – especially with hand tools.   Buy books on self-sufficiency, not Kindle but paper books. Teach all this to the kids.

In effect you will have two parallel lives – The contemporary technology world is the world we live in, and is the source of our income, but it is a bubble waiting to burst.   And parallel to this we can build a love for the traditional way of doing things.

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