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It has been a long journey to get here, and certainly not in a straight line... Different factors had to come together in two categories — The reasons behind the project in solar-geological cataclysm issues, and Stirling Engines for application in this context. Both have their own deep story.   With the Stirling engine side, there is also the style of that engineering – innovative, yet rugged dependability.

Of the two roots, the more disturbing factors have been the reasons behind the project, and what it has to achieve and cope with as a transition tool. – That said, we now have an independent start-up based in rural Lancashire, England, developing a, 'useful piece of kit'.

Our position is we cannot prevent 'Climate Change', as it is solar driven, but we can try to survive it.   ...This realisation is key!

We are facing a Carrington Event++   The known facts are that Stirling Cycle machines can still work in high electro-magnetic fields and they can function as heat pumps, many are in cryogenics. Also they could be Wind powered not requiring any electrical connection.   Rather the purpose of building an experimental model is to take such an idea for a low cost machine in a specific rural application, try out variations in the details manufactured in a home workshop, and get a viable design together for a full size prototype.   Therefore experimental models are just a cost effective bridge to get the project viable... Its modest beginnings do not reflect the magnitude of its importance, only the of obliviousness of our mesmerized technological society to real world inevitably.

Design Engineer  J. M. Boardman

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